Does Meladerm Really Work?

Meladerm is a well-known skin lightening product that first appeared on the market in 2003. Civant is the company that introduced this product and they claim it can reduce dark spots and other discolorations that appear on your skin within a few weeks. This includes those dark circles that can appear under your eyes.

This is an advanced skin care product that helps your skin to lighten naturally by inhibiting the development of melanin (the pigment which gives color to your skin). This really works well on all kinds of skin discolorations that are a result from hyperpigmentation, liver spots, melasma, freckles, acne scars, birthmarks, chloasma, old scars, dark elbows, sun damage, or brown spots.

Meladerm uses multiple active agents with the key ingredients being alpha-arbutin and Kojic acid. These are are well-studied and are well-known to be effective in treating hyperpigmentation issues.

Great, But Does Meladerm Truly Work?

You have to remember that everyone’s skin is different. By just doing a simple search you will see that there are a lot of very positive reviews online.

Let’s face it, Meladerm is just one of the many similar products that claim to miraculously reduce any darker patches of skin including melasma, acne scars, freckles, birthmarks, etc. What makes this product better than any of the other similar ones?

For one thing, Meladerm has built a strong online reputation and has been in the marketplace for many years, longer than most of the other products. Civant appears to be an established and well grounded company, it certainly doesn’t have the feel of a fly-by-night miracle product company. This is one reason that I trust the company. It won’t suddenly disappear tomorrow. Meladerm is a time tested product. This long company history leads me to believe that they will stand behind their promises, and will quickly resolve any customer issue that could possibly arise. They have a solid history of successfully putting safety and customer satisfaction first.

Civant publishes its ingredients, research, and other information about all of their products. Every product they sell comes with a money back guarantee. These facts tell me that they are very confident with their products.

More Research For This Skin Lightening Cream Reveals:

The unbiased, non-vested comments are typical when researching this product. They found that the Meladerm cream worked well in reducing hyperpigmentation and lightening skin discoloration to a considerable extent. Within a couple of weeks, most see improved results. And after routinely using this cream for around two or three months, their skin was restored its original color.

Some people have confused Meladerm with Melederm. Melederm is a similar skin lightening product to Meladerm, with many of the same claims, but it contain known harmful ingredients like Hydroquinone and mercury. These ingredients are not part of the products of Civant.

The Advantages:

  • It will not block pores.
  • There is long lasting results.
  • Makes use of a unique airless dispensing technology.
  • Can be safely used on all skin types (oily, sensitive, dry)
  • Doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals like mercury, steroids, hydroquinone, or parabens.
  • Hyperpigmented areas show permanent results.
  • The company provides a money back guarantee.

The Disadvantages:

  • This cream can only be purchased through the company’s website.
  • Darker skin marks consumes a lot more of time.
  • Only works on epidermal hyperpigmentation.
  • Negligible results on some severe blemishes.

What Are Any Adverse Effects?

Sun sensitivity is one condition that this cream has on your skin, but this is not dis-similar to a majority of other skin lightening products out there. Therefore, it’s advised to use sun block before going outside. You may experience a slight drying of the skin for one week or so after your first use. This is to be expected though. Remember you just put on a cream that is chemically changing the appearance of your skin. Your skin will become sensitive to the ultraviolet rays of the sun as well as other particles floating in the air.

The best practice is to apply this skin lightener in small doses for the first couple of weeks. Doing it this way will allow your skin to get used to the application. If you are concerned about allergies, you can safely perform a simple test on a small part of your skin. To do this you only need to apply a small dab on your neck or arm for three days.

Do not continue using this skin lightning cream if you find the irritation on your skin to be too strong. And you should never apply Meladerm to the eyelids; the skin is just too thin on that part of the body.


So the question is still, does Meladerm truly work? Well, to be honest the quality of results may be different from person to person. This is primarily based on the reaction your skin has after the Meladerm cream is used. Usually it takes two months or more for people to see complete results. People with a darker skin shade will, in general, need more time with the product to see the best results.

Darker skinned people from all parts of the world have experienced great results with this particular product. But, like with most things, you shouldn’t rely solely on skin lightning products. Your skin will always do best in combination with other sunscreen lotions and quality moisturizers.

Final Thoughts:

Whether your skin is darken because of genes or some kind of ailment Meladerm will help you out. It simply and effectively cause your skin’s natural pigment production to decrease, and in so returns your skin to a natural and even tone. This is the safest way of clearing up those discolored skin areas that have troubled you the most.

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